Fishing for Catfish


How to catch catfish?

I think every beginner angler and the angler with experience, dreams of someday in my life to catch catfish. But not everyone does it your dreams and desires in fishing for catfish in life.

Some have lack of confidence in their own abilities, others have no patience to catch catfish, the third and did not know where to start. But we all share one thing: We all want to learn how to catch catfish and not just catfish, and scoring dimensions.

Many anglers mistakenly think that if they ever catch a predator from a boat and from the shore, once caught a catfish needs. I agree, there is such a possibility, but it is too small.

Fishing for catfish is not as simple as it seems at first glance. It should be approached with knowledge of the case, namely some theory to know the habits of catfish, bait for catfish, habitats, to prepare a snap.

Don’t think that fishing for catfish need super gear used for fishing of this fish is misleading. Soma is perfectly possible to catch and the usual equipment with which you catch pike and walleye.

Fishing for catfish is currently gaining popularity at a rapid pace. This, of course, will benefit manufacturers of fishing equipment and will produce special coil for catfish, fishing rods for catching catfish and so on.

Do not deny that they will be better, prettier, and have a good lie in the hand, but the price will be much higher. So the choice of gear is yours.

How to choose a spinning rod for catfish

When you decide to buy a rod for catfish, the first thing you should pay attention to is the quality. There was a time I started with a budget, but have enough of such gear can only say for the season, and sometimes even less.

You need to experience for yourself the sorrow of losing major instance when for weeks waiting for the big bite catfish, and you can not withstand the spinning reel or coil. So I permanently opted out of cheap sticks and coils. No, I don’t want to say that you need to run straight to the store and buy the most expensive tackle for big money, but something in between, you can choose.

Thus, the telescopic rods for catching catfish in my opinion not suitable at all, in most cases they can not withstand such loads, so we them off to the side. But the plug will fit, let’s look at them in more detail.

If you are going to catch catfish from the shore, then my advice to you is to use a rod no longer than 3 m, the suspension and the optimal length of 2.7 m Using a long spinning rod, you will not only be able far to the lure (bait), but better to strike when the bite than if you were caught short.

For boat fishing, you can use the same length of the spinning, but still, up to 2 m spinning will be easier. The laws of physics are such that the shorter the spinning, the stronger the pulling force (the law of the lever).

The test rods used for catching catfish should ideally start from 100 grams to 600 grams. If you are going to catch catfish on artificial lures, then fish on the rod with the dough will be very inconvenient and ineffective. It is better to use spinning with the test up to 150 grams.

How to choose a reel for catfish?

Coil for catfish can use both baitcasting and spinning, will approach one and the same. Spools of such reels should hold about 200 yards of fishing line with a diameter of 0.50 mm. I think to say that the coil needs to be of high quality and durable with metal spool does not make sense, you know it.

In most cases for catching catfish anglers use a braided cord with a diameter of from 0.3 to 0.6 mm and the load on the gap up to 60 kg. There are those who use a conventional fishing line with a diameter of 0.7 mm. and the load on the gap up to 36 kg.

Carbines, crown ring, I advise you to choose the best and not stingy. A lot depends on this, namely the strength of the entire chain snap. The hooks are selected according to the same bait for catfish, its value, and quantity: frequently №8-10 tees and No. 6 according to the international classification of hooks. Hooks for catfish tally on special leashes with breaking load up to 150 kg.

And don’t be afraid of the thickness of the leash, catfish indifferent to it, and if he has risen from the depths of the bait, then in most cases he will take her.

In the absence of such leaders, anglers using the conventional fishing line with a diameter of 0.8 — 1.0 mm, not to be confused with a conventional fishing line with a braided line, the latter for this purpose is not necessary. Catfish easily frays her during playing.

Where there is catfish?

The main and important thing about catching catfish is able to determine the place of fishing it is. To be able to define the place of fishing on the pond, the presence of soma – need to know about it a little more than you know now.

Weather conditions, time of year, time of day all affect its presence in this place. Moreover, the habitat of the soma can vary greatly from familiar places.

Fishing for catfish in the spring

Fishing for catfish in the early spring when the water begins to warm places and coming to around 8 degrees, mustachioed predator begins to Wake up from hibernation. Despite the fact that he is still very lethargic, the chances of his catching it is. At this time catfish should look to the more heated parts of the water: the shoals, the mouths of small rivers, bays.

Ways to increase your catch!

Blitz tips fishing trout

Here are the most effective:

  • Activator cool. This Supplement with pheromones is a wild appetite of even the well-fed and passive fish, drawing her to the fishing spot from far distances. Well-proven Supplement Hungry Fish, combining albumin and synthesized pheromones. – read reviews here.
  • Tackle with high sensitivity. You need to become familiar with the use of a particular type.
  • The pheromone lure. They attract fish, stimulate hunger and cause a gregarious reflex, that allows collecting in one place a lot of fish.

It should be considered a very important point: be sure to close should be a hole where the catfish will go hunting. If it does not, it is unlikely that you will find catfish in this place, even if it is just perfect for catfish. I would also like to note that the warmer the water warms up, the more become com.

In my opinion, the best time for catching catfish in the spring is after lunch. In the spring the catfish is pretty and weak, and chasing fish, and crayfish he just has no strength. The best baits during this period are considered: the beam Nightcrawlers, chicken giblets, liver.

When water temperatures begin to approach the level of 16 – 18 degrees, in this period the catfish to start the spring feeding period. At this time, he’s not too picky about the bait, eats everything that comes, any bait (for catfish bait), which you offer him. This time soma can be found both at depth and on the rocks, mainly the differences of depths, the sharp descents and ascents.

Just at this time very well catching catfish on artificial baits, which is what experienced anglers. Even on a usual bottom line (feeder) often at this time comes the catfish, of course, smaller sizes, but still comes across and it’s a fact.

Since at this time it often happens that the water level rises, it is very advisable to look for catfish from flooded fields and lawns, as with fields and banks of washes away a lot of animals: worms, field mice, and so on. I repeat once again that the best nozzle at this time is a bunch of 20-30 Nightcrawlers.

Fishing for catfish in the summer

When water temperature is between 20°C and above the catfish begins the spawning season, lasting approximately 3 weeks, plus or minus a few days. As soon as the spawning season, catfish will start another feed – after spawning.

After spawning, all individuals drift apart on the water. Large specimens – single, small catfish can meet groups. Hiding places for catfish are deep holes, overhanging trees over the water, submerged barges, tree roots, passing from the shore into the water. On large navigable rivers, catfish are holding near the fairway, leaving the edges and in the shallows only for hunting. The most promising place below the dams and locks.

The most successful fishing for catfish in the middle of summer, it’s dusk, night and early morning. Of course, this does not mean that it is impossible to catch during the day. At dusk the best time to hunt for catfish in the immediate vicinity of the exit from the pits near the crest and of differences of depths.

At night it comes to what catfish go to depths not exceeding 1 meter, hunting for sleepy fish.

In the summer, when nights are quite warm, the catfish can be recognized by characteristic spanking the water and chomping. This can only mean one thing, that mustache predator currently preying directly in the upper layers of water.

Thus the most successful method of catching catfish bait is raised from the bottom to 0.5 meters. Even the beam Nightcrawlers lying on the bottom isn’t going to work the bait filed on the bottom, near the surface of the reservoir (in the upper layers of water).

Also, you should know that catfish nearsighted. He mostly relies on other senses, which he strongly developed, that the sense of smell, hearing, lateral line. So if you have the bait lively, smells good, and even makes some sounds, the approach of soma you provided, you will not remain without attention.

How to achieve all of these conditions, talk with you in another article. Sign on new secrets and get new material directly to their email.

At what time is best to catch catfish in the summer?

Spinning for perch

What watch catfish the most active one with an accuracy cannot say. It is influenced by many factors, yet unknown to us. Sometimes catfish are active only at night, sometimes at noon and may well not take only in the morning.

Of course there are all sorts of observations, for example, if the pond is too turbid the water, the catfish can take in light throughout the day.

In rainy weather, Marcopolo also saw increased activity from catfish, and the day before the upcoming storm and all of the soma are at the peak of activity, start hard to feed. So try, explore a pond, of course, this requires a lot of time. For then it’s worth received by the adrenaline and mental joy.

Fishing for catfish in the fall

Here and autumn came, the nights were colder, the days are showers. At this time of year is very difficult to recognize the best watch and promising locations for catching catfish, they change every day. Gloomy and dark days, low pressure, fogs, catfish can eat throughout the day.

Also, calm and quiet the night is also not left behind. The exact time activity soma will tell you no, there are only guidelines, and you should know them: the presence of such species as bream, Chub, carp; In periods of high activity, soma to always stay close.

In a period of frost catfish are still actively feeding, but only in wintering pits at the depth, or in the immediate vicinity. The best bait for catfish at this time is a bunch of worms, offal poultry, fish fillets;

If you’re going to catch catfish on a Donk, perfect piece of squid. Fast moving and active bait (fishing for catfish trolling), when fishing catfish – ineffective at this time, can spend days to swim, but the bite never to see.

Nice this time of the year to catch catfish on a heavy artificial bait: deep crankbaits, spinner. It is believed that deep-sea lure with a sound effect, even in the winter catfish on provoking attack.

As soon as the water temperature decreased even below the level of 7°C — 5°C, catfish stop feeding altogether and lies dormant. And have not responded to any of our lures. Although there are rumors that someone successfully catches catfish in the winter??? I will not believe until you see it…

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