Flounder — Habitat and Fishing

Flounder Fishing

Under the flounder should understand a few species of fish with unusual body structure and the body shape. Under the flounder to be understood “flat” species of fish, which translated and means.

Typically, these types of fish living in the vicinity of the bottom and are of industrial interest due to the fact that the meat of these fish has a great taste. Basically, the flounder lives in the seas and oceans, but sometimes enters rivers.

Flounder is considered a predatory fish, because of feed exclusively on living organisms. About how helpful fish, its fishing and its behavior will be explained in this article.

Fish Flounder: Description


Description Flounder

What is most interesting is that it seems that is not true. Back and belly flounder are actually the sides of the fish, some of which are painted and others are not. Thus, both eyes of the fish on one side, although they can look in different directions independently of one another. This allows the fish to react to external stimuli, like enemies flounder. They also help her to hunt.

Adults are placed on the side, the eyes move to the top of the head, which is their characteristic feature. To determine how adult, simply by the asymmetry of her body. In adults, there is a strong asymmetry of the body, and that part of the body on which she spends almost all of his life differs greatly pronounced roughness. Its color is somewhat pale, and the eyes are located on the other side.

As for the other side, it is smooth and has a sandy color that helps to camouflage the fish on the bottom. Top color may depend on the habitat of the fish. Young birds are practically indistinguishable from the normal species of the fish swim as vertically. In the process of growing, there is a certain metamorphosis. By the time of the reproduction becomes flounder: the left eye moves to the right side and the fish begins swimming horizontally.

Flounder is hiding from his enemies at the bottom, burrowing in sand or other soil. At the same time, it leaves your eyes outside to watch what’s happening around her. In this position, she was also monitoring a potential target. If it suited her she instantly grabs her.

The lower part of the sole is fairly durable and rough skin. This is due to the fact that the fish basically moves along the bottom, a scattering of stones and shells, which can be quite sharp. To the touch, this part of the body flounders can be compared to sandpaper. There are species of flounder that can change color, depending on the habitat that helps fish hide from their enemies.

Where there is flounder

Flounder can be found in almost all oceans and seas. Most representatives of this species prefer water of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and the Japan sea, etc. oddly enough, but the flounder found in the Mariana Trench, at a depth of 11 km. This kind of flatfish grows to a length of 30 cm In the Black sea live three species of flounders. The largest species is the flounder, Kalkan. Individuals are able to gain weight up to 15 kg. in addition, Kalkan flounder can change its color, adapting to external conditions of the habitat. Flounders this kind of missing scales.

In the Black Sea meets the river flounder (gloss) and sole, which also refers to this kind of fish. Many anglers say that the catchability is the Kerch Strait. In addition, not less catchability fishing can be at Cape Tarkhankut, as well as at the mouths of the Dniester and the Dnieper. The same types of flatfish are found in the sea of Azov.

As propagated

Place compared to other fish species, quite fertile. Adults can lay up to ten million eggs. Spawns of this fish at a depth of not less than 50 meters.

The catch of a flounder

The meat of turbot is prized for its flavor characteristics, so it caught on an industrial scale. Especially, the high demand of Japanese olive flounder and European flounder. Flounder are very popular among Amateur anglers, particularly those that inhabit the Northern and Western part of the Atlantic ocean. Typically, anglers travel to the open ocean or the open sea to catch this tasty fish and try your hand.

Fishing for Flounder

What used tackle

Since the leads flounder near the bottom to gear more suitable bottom (feeder) gear. Thus, it should be borne in mind that flounder can be caught trolling if it is held at the bottom or uses a plumb. As the nozzle on the hook, you should select those organisms that are included in the diet of flounder.

The choice of fishing line

The main line should have a thickness of about 0.5-0.7 mm, and fishing line leash chose to be slightly thinner, about 0.4-0.6 mm. It is necessary to ensure that the fishing line stood a large specimen, which gets the hook quite often. When playing flounder has a large resistance. It is connected with the structure of her body. The flattened body has a big resistance plus the resistance of the fish itself. When fishing from the shore you need to have enough fishing line to make the tackle as far as possible.

Choice of hooks

Hooks for catching flounder is better to choose a long forend and offer №6, №7. This is due to the fact that the fish can swallow the bait deep enough. Therefore, other sizes and shapes of hooks subsequently hard to get from the mouth of the fish.


Experienced anglers indicate that the hook can stick not big mollusks, crabs or small fishes that form the basis of her diet. To stick to so that the hook was not visible.

Ways of catching flounder

Flounder caught in or from the shore or from a boat. Lure she swallows in the supine position after trying to leave aside. At this point, and to carry out the cutting. When playing, you should consider the fact that this fish strongly resists, therefore, to force things should not be.

Need to wait for the right time, gradually tightening it or to shore or to the boat. During this time she will be tired and at the end of the event will not resist so much. This will allow not only to catch a tasty fish but also to keep the tackle safe.

Fishing for flounder from the shore

Catching flounders from the shore is productive when it comes close to the shore, which happens in late fall and continues this period almost the whole winter.

To catch flounder from the shore, we have to bear:

  • Spinning, the length of which may be in the range of 2 to 5 meters. Moreover, the spinning should be strong, with the test not less than 150 grams.
  • Feeder line (ground tackle). For catching this powerful fish will perfectly suit powerful river feeders installing the marine coil.
  • Powerful and strong line, with a tensile strength of not less than 10 pounds. Its thickness is selected within 0.5 mm, no less. It is necessary also too far to throw a tackle with a sinker, weighing about 200 grams. If the pond is characterized by a sandy bottom, it is better to take an anchor sinker.
  • Hooks, numbers from No. 6 to No. 12.

Some tips on catching flounder from the shore

  • Flounder prefers a solitary life and does not go in flocks.
  • If the shore is sandy, it is one of the best places for catching this fish. Do not choose the place with stones. Tackle you throw at different distances in a checkerboard pattern.
  • To throw the tackle you need, as far as possible, at a distance of not less than 50 meters. The rod on the Bank should be set at an angle of 75 degrees.
  • Stick on the hook better than smaller fish, both in whole and pieces.
  • If the coast is shallow, it is better to use such advantage, pulling out a fish dragged ashore.
  • If the fish has a weight of 5 pounds and more, to get her is not easy, without a certain experience. In this case, fish are better to wear down, although it can take a lot of time.
  • As pointed out by experienced anglers, the most intense biting occurs early in the morning though to catch the flounder and really night.
  • The bite is determined by the behavior of the rod tip. If there are wind and waves on the water, it is harder to do, without the experience of catching this fish.
  • When fishing for black sea turbot Kalkan, you should be extremely careful because it has a sharp thorn, which is easy to do on the human body along the unhealed wound. When catching flounder this spike is best to immediately remove.

Fishing for flounder from a boat

Fishing on a boat

Using some tips, fishing for flounder will always be effective.

For example:

  • For boat fishing no longer spinning. Here can be useful even winter rod. The thickness of the line selected in the range of 0.5-0.6 mm.
  • Fishing line for a leash selected in the range of 0.35 mm.
  • Select a sinker weighing from 80 to 120 grams. Anchor sinker is better not to apply.
  • When fishing from the boat the lure should be deleted in the plumb, in relation to the boat. If the place is not deep, the tackle can be cast to the side, then pull it to “plummet”. Re-casting is the same but from the other side of the boat.
  • If bites are rare, on both sides of the boat, you can omit the spinning, and the third to implement the casts.
  • If the flounder bite, it will mean that it sits securely on the hook because of the mouth of her strength.
  • When fishing from a boat need to have a hook, as to get hands into a boat a large specimen is unlikely.

Useful properties of flounder

Flounder meat is considered a dietary and easy to digest by the human body. The flesh of flounder contains vitamins and minerals that positively affect the work of almost all internal organs.

Various dishes of plaice doctors recommend to power some patients who had lost a lot of strength to fight with diseases. The presence of fatty acids omega-3 allows a person to deal with malignant tumors.

100 grams of the meat of flounder contains only 90 kcal. At the same time, discovered 16 grams of protein and 3 grams of fat. Meat flounder lacks the carbohydrates which contribute to weight gain. The meat of flatfish is not only useful but also delicious.

Despite this, the flounder has its specific aroma, which disappears if the fish to remove the skin. Thanks to its amazing taste, man invented many recipes and ways of cooking. The meat of this fish can be fried, boiled, broiled or baked. It must always be remembered that it is most useful when the fish meat retains most of the nutrients, the flounder will be if it is to boil, simmer or bake. Many experts do not advise flounder to fry, as any fried dish burden the stomach.

Flounder is a very common, useful fish of unsurpassed taste. Thanks to such data and its catch on an industrial scale.

Along with fishers, fishing for flounder is still an Amateur. They are mostly attracted by the fact that flounder seriously resists, and this extra dose of adrenaline and the memory of a lifetime. To fishing was successful, you need to correctly select all of the elements of the gear and found catchability place.

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