Description and Methods of Fishing Halibut


Fish halibut is one of those aquatic creatures, whose size could easily be more angler catching him, so as to weigh this benthic predator can much more than 100 pounds. Tackle when fishing for such fish is required. However, a very large spread of recreational fishing of this fish has not received that related not only inaccessible to many anglers of the seas where it inhabits but rather the high cost of tackle for sea fishing, which, based on the size of trophies is subject to special requirements.

Also problematic may be the content or rent a boat because the boat for such fishing must be reliable. However, given the possible size of the trophy, and the stubborn resistance of the fish, many anglers believe that it is worth the money. Especially popular with fishermen Pacific halibut – Atlantic and Pacific, as halibuts are among the most major representatives, whose weight may exceed 300 pounds.

Features of biological classification

Halibut is a generalized term, which refers to 3 genera and 5 species of fish:

  • To the Khingan halibut are the Atlantic and Pacific. They differ most in size – these fish can weigh a couple hundred pounds (a sports record about 200 pounds, but there are mentions about larger specimens).
  • The largest halibut – Pacific, its maximum weight can reach more than 360 kg, with a length of over 4 meters.
  • Treasury to include Asian and American species. Possess the moderate size of these fish – they rarely weigh more than 3 pounds.
  • Greenland halibut is the only representative of the genus. Can weigh more than 40 pounds.

All these fish have similar body structure, but there are differences that allow distinguishing separate species. The body has a diamond-shaped, or more close to an oval shape (halibut is more elongated compared to other).

The eyes of all kinds located on the right side, and features layout and also form the lateral line, nostrils, the color and size distinguish the members of different species. Body color from gray to olive or black on the turned upside, and whitish, or light brown for the blind. The habitat of fishes of the North Atlantic and Pacific ocean.

Characteristics of spawning

The timing of spawning differs depending on the specific species, and from the sea in which the fish lives. Thus, Pacific halibut spawn from December to may, when water temperature up to 7 degrees. To do this, the fish comes into the fjords or harvested in the coastal wells with depths up to 700 meters.

Caviar is not attached to any object but stays in the water until, until the eggs will not leave the larva. The young individuals live and feed in relatively shallow areas, and do not descend to great depths during the first years of life.

Habitat and peculiarities of the diet

How to increase the fish catch?

All these fish are predators, and Pacific halibut, and Treasury and black prey on other marine life, but the diet is significantly different depending on age and size. Young members of the species feed primarily on small crustaceans like shrimp and crabs, and on reaching a more impressive size go to cod, Pollock, squid, and octopus, what to consider when choosing live bait or bait to tackle with a dead fish.

Pacific halibut and other species of this fish are near the bottom. However, while hunting they are able to rise close to the surface while holding the body horizontally and vertically. If you plan on fishing for halibut, it should be noted that in shallow waters in the main still are young, still has not reached the large sizes of fish, but trophy fish can live at depths of over 1000 meters, leaving the areas with less depth only during spawning. Halibut Treasury periodically occurs in shallow areas.

Important! It is believed that especially these fish like areas with a sandy bottom. It is in these places halibut is found in the first place.

The necessary gear

Compared to freshwater, saltwater fishing requires large financial investments. First of all, it concerns swimming facilities, as well as gear requirements, unusual for river or pond fishing.

The gear for sea fishing are the following:

  1. The rod should be powerful, able to work with weights more than 600 grams. At the same time, the rod should be light, to facilitate the implementation of the transaction. Preferred ring – large diameter, mounted on strong legs (fixing points to the form should not be less than 3, otherwise the legs cannot stand, come and rollers instead of rings).
  2. Baitcasting reel used, as only they are able to withstand the load that is created when playing a fish weighing more than 100 pounds. It should also have a very large spool as if hunting goes to halibut, the fishing will occur at great depths. The multiplier should be protected from exposure to seawater, the normal in such conditions quickly come into disrepair due to accelerated salt corrosion.
  3. You will also need fishing line or braid (large diameter, the use of variants with a diameter greater than 1 mm for sea fishing the usual case).

Do not forget that in order for this trip was not only productive but also safe, you need to use suitable for the marine environment free.

Used bait

bait halibut

All the bait to use when fishing for halibut can be divided into three main groups:

  • Silicone vibro-tailed twisters.
  • Dead fish
  • Heavy sea spinners – pilkers.

When fishing with soft lures jointed montages are used, use special sea jig head great weight, which, moreover, are usually equipped with 2 or 3 hooks (single, triple, or two tees).

Tackle for dead fish can be used as usual for river fishing and designed for the marine environment. The latter strongly resembles the jig head but has a long ledge on which is placed a fish. The sinker also can weigh more than 600 grams. The mass of the body is used fish may be more than 1 kilogram.

Important! To increase the attractiveness of dead fish can be a very simple way. Enough to make a couple of incisions along the spine, and the smell of the production will significantly increase, attracting fish that are at a distance from the point of fishing.

Spinners when fishing for halibut is used relatively rarely. Used pilkers large sizes. Play sea lures at the bottom, and right visual pauses and tossed to provoke a bite of halibut.

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