Ice fishing. The Basics, Safety, and Tips

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a winter method of fishing in which the angler catches fish from the hole in the frozen pond. Some fishermen use sophisticated equipment: a tent with heating, others sit in the open space on the ice. Winter fishing has suffered significant changes over the last 20 – 25 years. Using modern equipment and auger, which can drill holes in 2 — 3 times faster, as you can catch almost anywhere on the reservoir.

Fishing Ice

Fishing from the ice is a dangerous kind of Hobbies, so you must observe safety precautions to get home safely, without incident. The permissible thickness of the ice cover, according to advertising Agency, to walk you it safely is 10 cm.

Some risk going to the reservoir with a thickness of 6 cm Threat is the situation in large lakes with a large width, when the ice may crack due to the temperature difference. The angler must be sure that your mobile device (phone) is fully charged. Be sure to inform the relatives where you are going to catch, how many, what time come back. Cautiously go fishing in late winter, when the ice began to melt, the ice can crack even if it is thick.

Tips and tactics

Winter Fishing

Here are some tips that will help to improve the experience. If you want to add something, please write your comments in the comments.

  • Place. Fish overwinter in certain places, so experienced anglers find it easy. On the Internet, you can find a lot of useful information on where to find winter Parking fish.
  • Less feeds. In the winter the fish are inactive, it saves energy. Cutting jig head or bait too quickly, the fish releases the bait often to save energy.
  • Less aggressive. Fish not only spends less energy but less aggressive. It is not enough bait in the summer. It is better to use a float, it will help to note a slight bite.
  • Darken the hole. You darken the hole with snow or ice shards, to prevent sunlight. They scare off the fish from the hole.
  • On the bottom. Groupers and some fish species prefer to hunt near the bottom. Tapping the bait on the bottom, lifting the haze, you can attract fish from a distance.
  • Seductive food. Despite the fact that the fish does not want to spend force in cold water, to lure you seductive food. Chopped pieces of fish or worms capable of giving excellent results.
  • Hypothermia. Most accident deaths occur because of drowning and hypothermia. Any angler should know what to do if someone falls through the ice. Death can occur within 20 minutes. There should always be a set of warm dry clothes and a mobile phone number where you can call for help.

Supplies and equipment

Ice Fishing Tips

For fishing from the ice, you need special equipment. Below is a list of required, although it is not complete, but these most essential things that must be considered when an angler.

  1. A fishing box or a bucket (used for gear and as a seat);
  2. Skimmer (to remove splinters from the hole);
  3. The ice pick or drill;
  4. Warm quality footwear;
  5. Security (which is able to save a life);
  6. Warm, quality and comfortable winter clothing;
  7. Spare set of clothes (if someone will get wet);
  8. A fully charged mobile phone.

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