The Largest Catfish in The World – Top 10

Largest Catfish in the World

Catfish is one of the biggest predators that inhabit the underwater river world. With sufficient food, the catfish are able to live for hundreds of years, while gaining weight up to 1100 pounds (500 kg) and grow to a length of 200 inches (4-5 meters). Indicates that the largest catfish was caught in Uzbekistan, about 100 years ago. He weighed about 950 pounds (430 kg) and had a length up to 196 inches (5 meters).

Unfortunately, official confirmation of this fact does not exist.

You can find mention of the fact that in Ukraine, in the Dnieper river, was caught catfish, weighing 635 pounds (288 kg), which managed to grow in length up to 157 inches (4 meters).

Catfish of this size is easily able to swallow an adult human, as evidenced by the official data. Some experts say that there are catfish-eating. But such claims have no scientific evidence. In case of detection of corpses of people in the belly of a giant river, it is believed that the people were already dead. Simply put, these people drowned at the time, and only then did catfish.

Nowadays the number of large catfish has decreased dramatically due to a complicated ecological situation, and also an uncontrolled fishing man. In addition, modern equipment is a huge potential in terms of fish catch. Despite this, they occasionally come across a heavy underwater predator.

Not to be unfounded, it is possible to present an overview of the largest catfish in the world, caught not so long ago.

1 — Belarusian Catfish

Belarusian Catfish

In tenth place was the catfish from Belarus, the length of which was 78 inches (2 meters). He was caught by a local fisherman in 2011. When he and his assistants caught fish nets, after the next cast, the network suddenly refused to get out of the water. Within an hour the fisherman and his companions were pulled from the water network. After the catfish was pulled ashore, it weighed and measured. With a length of two meters and its weight was 132 pounds (60 kg). Fishermen catfish was not released and allowed it to roast.

2 — Catfish from Spain

Catfish from Spain

In 2009, the river Ebro was caught by local fishermen catfish-albino, whose length was more than two meters, weight 194 pounds (88 kg). to Catch him failed Brit from Sheffield Chris. He tried to pull out of catfish, but I failed. Chris had to ask for help from his friends, who also came to fish with him. To the catfish came ashore, it took more than 30 minutes. Catfish was released after it was photographed Chris and his friends helped to pull catfish out of the water.

3 — Catfish from Holland

Catfish from Holland

Eighth place goes to Catfish from Holland, who lives in Holiday Park “Centerparcs”. The Park is very popular among tourists and locals. Moreover, everyone knows that in the pond of the Park is home to a huge catfish, up to 90 inches (2.3 meters). This huge member of the underwater world was nicknamed “Big momma”. River monster eats the day before three birds floating on the lake, as evidenced by Park security. “Big momma” is protected by the state, so fishing here is prohibited.

4 — Catfish from Italy

Catfish from Italy

In early 2011, the Italian Robert godi managed to catch one of the big catfish. It occupies the seventh position of the ranking. With a length of about 95 inches (2.5 meters) and its weight was 251 pounds (114 kg). Experienced angler did not even hope that he would be so lucky. Catfish pulled out six people for almost an hour. Robert admitted that he arrived at the pond with friends hoping to catch bream. What is bream took the bait huge catfish, a rarity and a surprise. But the most important thing, Catfish was able to pull. Once decided on the size and weight, the catfish was released back into the pond.

5 — French Catfish

French Catfish

In the Rhone river, a tourist Yuri Grisendi was caught the largest catfish of France. After measuring, it became known that the catfish has a length of 102 inches (2.6 meters) and weight up to 264.5 pounds (120 kg). The man who caught him engaged in a deliberate hunt for such giants. Moreover, it catches not only catfish, but also in other major representatives of the underwater world. Therefore, the catch cannot be called accidental, as in the previous cases. After another monster is caught, it is removed on video as proof, and released back into the water. Nothing strange in this, because this is a hobby fisherman.

6 — Catfish from Kazakhstan

Catfish from Kazakhstan

In the sixth place is the giant from Kazakhstan which was caught on the river Or in 2007. It was caught by local fishermen. The giant had a weight of 286 pounds (130 kg) and a length of 106 inches (2.7 meters). According to locals, like the giant, they haven’t seen throughout his life.

7 — A Huge Catfish from Thailand

Catfish from Thailand

In 2005, in the month of may, on the Mekong river was caught the largest catfish of these sites. He weighed 646 pounds (293 kg), with a length of 106 inches (2.7 meters). The accuracy of the data was established responsible for the international WWF project with Zeb Hogan. During this period he investigated the presence of the biggest fish in the world. Catfish-albino, who was caught, is one of the largest representatives of freshwater fish that have been marked to their work. At the time it is noted in the Guinness Book of records. Catfish wanted to let go, but he, unfortunately, did not survive.

8 — Big Catfish from Russia

Big Catfish from Russia

This huge catfish is not in vain in third place. He was caught a few years ago in Russia. This event occurred on the river Seim, which flows in the Kursk region. It witnessed the staff of the Kursk fishery in 2009. Catfish weight reached 441 pounds (200 kg), and its length was about 118 inches (3 meters). Underwater anglers hunters brand accidentally saw him underwater and had to shoot him with a spear gun. The shot was successful, and fishermen tried to pull it yourself, but it turned out to be for them. So, they took the help of the rural tractor driver on the tractor.

After he pulled ashore, the locals said that this is the first such a large catfish they’ve ever seen in my life.

9 — Catfish, caught in Poland

Catfish from Poland

In second place is the biggest catfish caught in Poland. He was caught on the Oder river. According to experts, this fish more than 100 years. Weighed this instance to 441 pounds (200 kg) with a length of 157.5 inches (4 meters).

In the belly of this animal was discovered a human corpse, so I had to invite experts. They concluded that the man was already dead when he swallowed this giant. So the rumors that catfish may be an Ogre again, not confirmed.

10 — Giant, who was caught in Russia

Giant catfish from Russia

According to some allegations, this huge fish was caught in Russia in the 19th century. Caught it in the lake Issyk-Kul and weighed this giant 765 pounds (347 kg) with a length of more than 160 inches (4 meters). Some experts claim that at the time, the place of capture this catfish was an arch, reminiscent in appearance of the jaw of this huge underwater representative.

Unfortunately, in recent years, there has been a sharp reduction of fish stocks in our lakes and rivers. The fish are increasingly suffering from water pollution with various chemicals which get into rivers, ponds, and lakes from the fields. In addition, the discharged wastewater of industrial enterprises. Unfortunately, the state does not maintain a special deal with the pests in human form. With the pace, there is every reason to believe that soon mankind will be without fish at all.

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