Lobster Fishing

Lobster Fishing

Lobster — the name sea and ocean crayfish. They can also be called a lobster from English lobsters. These sea crabs are large in size compared to the river. Lobsters have powerful claws and strong shell. Therefore, when their fishing is to be safe, to avoid bites claws.

What is the difference between lobster and cancer?

The main difference from the freshwater crustaceans habitat. Sea crayfish live in the seas and oceans, and cancer in the rivers and freshwater bodies. They also differ in size — the larger lobsters crayfish. Some individuals 2-3 times more cancer.

How to catch lobster

Usually, lobster fishing to happen on a small rocky plateau located relatively shallow under water. So. Industrial companies or professionals can even catch shellfish in the open sea in

the depth of a hundred meters. Production of lobsters is a very long time. And not surprising, because they’re a valuable source of food and related income.

From a boat or from shore?

Before you start fishing for crustaceans, we should define the object of fishing. The fact is, that there are many types of lobsters. Of these, there are species such as American, European and Atlantic. They are all different in size and habitat. For example, the Atlantic is small but is famous for its taste.

And European real giant: some individuals can weigh 10 kg. so when the choice of lobster fishing is done, you should know how to catch him. Fishing for lobster is carried out by special structures — analogs river racing for cancers.

What gear is used?

There are two basic designs for catching crustaceans:

  • Soft traps are wood and upholstered in durable networks of nylon.
  • The hard trap has a metal frame and is also upholstered in nylon mesh.

They are more heavy and bulky, but durable and do not rot. It is convenient to use industrial ships for mining large volumes of individuals. Individual fishermen more suitable soft traps — they’re not heavy in comparison with metal, lighter, installed and serviced.

On the other hand, they are susceptible to decay and gradual destruction from exposure to water and less strong. These problems can be solved by changing the old soft trap for a new one. In the walls of the trap make a hole through his production will crawl inside, attracted by the bait.

The bait is different — this special poop and meat to a variety of marine life. Fish, fresh and not very good, pieces of crab, and their relatives, all well suited for the bait. After the lobster is attracted by the taste of the meat and will crawl into the trap, it rises to the surface, and a catch formed in special mesh bags.

Another method of catching lobster — spearfishing. This Amateur form of fishing but he spectacular and interesting.

What did you need to start hunting?

  • The scuba equipment.
  • Hunting licenses.
  • The identity of your status.
  • Help the diver, in the case of spearfishing.
  • Medical certificate about your health.
  • Supervisory certificate about the health of your equipment.

If you decide to fish crustaceans yourself, you will have to carefully choose the place and time spearfishing. Also, note that in different countries the hunting season lobster starts at a different time of the year.

Where to catch this giant?

Big Omar lives in the Mediterranean and North seas, on the shores of North America, Norwegian and Europe. In the Baltic Sea, these crustaceans do not occur, but there are many crabs.

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