Perch Fishing

Perch fishing

Very fascinating topic — perch fishing. About catching this fish, you can write a lot, so I think the article will turn out rather big.

What is so interesting in perch fishing, you ask?

Well, since you have reached this article, then you are already interested in this fish and you obviously want to learn to fish or improve their skills and reinforce knowledge.

And of course the perch is a popular fish in terms of fishing because it is a predator, so it can be caught on any tackle — on a float, spinning and even on the ground. The perch does not lose activity even in the winter, so it can catch all year round. Its activity also depends little on the weather, he almost always hungry and ready to bite.

Besides, perch, fish is quite common, and almost in one of the two reservoirs, it is. In small ponds, or rivers perch grow very large, and in reservoirs and large rivers can be caught and an instance of several kilograms. Such large groupers typically have a very pronounced hump on the back, from which he received the nickname — the humpback whales. Small perch was affectionately known as the sailor.

In this article we will examine how to catch a perch, which places the pond he prefers, what time of day and year it bite better, what tackle and equipment, lures and bait to use for catching him. In General, we explain all important things perch fishing to fishing, in the end, was given to you as soon as possible.

After all, you must understand that to read how to fish is one thing, but the reality in practice is another. But believe me, if you read this article, to catch perch you will be much easier and you will learn this simple fact very quickly.

Tackle for perch

Tackle for perch

For perch, most of them use the two tackles is a float rod and spinning. More target perch fishing, of course, is considered spinning fishing whereas on a float along with perch catches much other fish. Of course, if we are not talking about perch fishing on live bait.

Spinning fishing for perch usually more experienced anglers, and on a float — beginners and Amateurs. Let’s start with a spinning tackle for catching perch.

Spinning for perch

Spinning for perch

For perch, you need to choose the rod length in the range 1.8-2.4 meters. Pick the most comfortable, well lying in the hand and a light rod. Perch fishing is frequent, short casts bait and flapping spinning. If you take the uncomfortable, heavy rod, the fishing will quickly turn into a routine, and the pleasure will begin to replace the tiredness.

Test spinning rod chooses up to 10 grams. Perch fishing mostly takes place on a small light bait, for which great test of spinning is absolutely necessary. Even more so spinning will be easy and sensitive.

Another important factor is the system of a spinning. So, do not buy for perch spinning fast system. It is optimal to take the average or even a slow system. Such a system will allow the rod to maximize casting distance lightweight lures and will allow fishing for perch more subtle accessories.

Equip the fishing rod, small spinning reel, a spool capacity equal to 1000. Usually, perch are caught on conventional fishing line — monofilament, with a diameter not exceeding 0.18 mm. But if you use a braided line that would be enough of a diameter of 0.1 mm, because the strength of the braided line is much higher.

Float rod for perch

Float rod for perch

Catching perch on the float rod can be divided into two different methods, which use slightly different rods and equipment. This flight and match rods. For those who do not understand the difference explained.

Poles — this is normal, all known since childhood, to float rod. The principle of which is enclosed in a remote snap, fishing line along the length of the rod and no difference with coil rod or without. A coil is certainly more convenient to cut the line, release the desired length, but without a coil so the gear does not lose relevance.

For perch applied centrifugal the rod length of 4-5 meters, sometimes use and seven rods, but I don’t think it’s a convenient way of fishing, even though it is possible to throw the tooling away. Perch, mostly small fish, and use long the pole is not quite appropriate.

Match the rod equipped with a spinning reel and a heavier snap (float and sinker) that allows the ball to several tens of meters. Snap as suitable deaf, because the perch fishing usually occurs not from the bottom, but with half depth or a depth of a meter.

Fishing line for float fishing for perch is used with a diameter of 0.2 mm. crochet Hook medium or small, although even a small perch can swallow a quite large and the hook, so the hook size you can pick up “by eye” — if a lot of gatherings, so you should put a smaller hook, well, or more if the hook and so is small.

What to catch perch?

What to catch perch

With tackle for perch, we understand, now we have to deal with what to catch perch. And for this, you need to first decide what kind of gear you expect to catch. If we are talking about spinning, for perch use of artificial bait, and when fishing on the float rod — animals bait.

Depending on what method of fishing you choose, you should pick a lure or bait. Let’s look at both methods and then you decide how to catch this river predator. Let’s start with spinning lures.

Bait for perch

Bait for perch

As baits for bass when fishing on spinning you can use the following:

  • vibrotails;
  • twisters;
  • spinners;
  • crankbaits.

The most popular bait for perch is probably Twister. These colorful silicone fish very well cope with the task and can provide an excellent catch of perch. The main thing to guess with the colorful fish that have bass to taste. When fishing for perch is not like the large size of the lures. Choose twisters to 5 cm long and use them under the minimum weight.

Another very popular and effective bait for perch is rotating spoon. Each spoon has its own unique game, besides, there are many sizes and colorings turntables that can play a crucial role in the number of bites whale. But the main advantage of such bait is that posting this spinner requires no special skills and just enough to evenly rotate the handle of the reel and the spinner will do everything for you with its interesting game.

Vibrotails similar to Twister, but have a different game, because their shape differs from the shape of a shad, though it’s the same silicone fish for jig fishing.

And wobblers for perch can bring a very good result, but newcomers should start with the turntables. In order to understand the fishing in the bass Wobbler, you must first learn to catch it on the silicone and turntables, as Wobbler, this is a more professional grade bait.

In these articles, the optimum options for spinning lure for perch. Learn how to catch perch on the offered bait, and with experience begin to experiment with others. To start the selection of lures for bass alone, not knowing which one will work better, it is very difficult to guess and is not always possible. And in the above articles, hand-picked tested and really working the lure.

Lures for perch

Lures for perch

If we talk about perch fishing on the float rod, then there are a few key baits that perch is perfectly caught:

  • baitfish;
  • the worm;
  • maggot;
  • the bloodworms.

Yes, nothing abstruse, conventional manure worm, live bait, bloodworms or maggots excellent bait for perch.

But it is understood the main points:

  1. Live bait fishing involves fishing for bigger bass (although on the small baitfish can successfully catch perch with her palm and even less).
  2. Live bait fishing is aimed specifically at fishing for bass and other fish will not bite (if you’re lucky can bite small pike).
  3. When fishing with maggots, worms or bloodworms mixed with bass will get peaceful fish such as carp, roach, bleak and others.

Well, about fishing with worms, bloodworms, and maggots to tell make no sense, though, if you are a novice angler You might want to read about how to place these baits on the hook. But to talk more specifically about the live bait for perch is.

It is best to catch perch fry on these:

  • bleak or bleak;
  • crucian;
  • roach;
  • gudgeon.

Size live bait for perch, try to pick up no longer than 5 cm, otherwise, you will likely be caught a pike that will eat the line and you will be left with nothing. Remember that bass is a predator of medium-sized, and therefore need small baitfish.

Throwing live bait you need in the range of 20 cm from the water surface and 15 cm from the bottom. If you omit the bait to the bottom he will find a shelter and hide from predators, and besides, more and confuse you tackle on benthic plants and driftwood.

To hook bait fish for the upper fin tip of the hook is open, that is threading the hook completely through the body of the fry and taking it outside to perch is well caught in the moment. When mounting the bait on the hook be careful not to damage his spine, else fry very quickly fall asleep and cease to be of interest to the predator.

Where to catch perch?

Where to catch perch

To begin with, inhabited by perch. Perch can be found in any body of water — large and small rivers, lakes, ponds, reservoirs. Often the bass comes in even in the desalinated parts of the sea, the confluence of rivers.

In the basin, no matter whether it is a lake or river, bass can take absolutely any sites. It can be near the shore in shallow water, in deep holes, along with the reeds or in the middle of a river or lake.

Perch actively moving throughout the waters of the reservoir, and to detect its location by how he’s gunning for Malcolm and the surface of the water in different directions shy small fish.

For perch spinning need to constantly move in search of schools of fish. If you happen to bite on spinning, should continue to shin this place and beyond. Where happened one bite perch is sure to follow and next because the bass always moves fairly numerous flocks.

In shallow water usually perch more, there is a lot of small fish, for which our whale hunts. But here it is rarely possible to catch big perch here and usually hunt small perch. Large grouper-humpback prefers to hide in holes and at great depths. To beat a bass is much harder, so the big perch catch is quite difficult.

Look for perch on the spikes of small fish in the water. Hunting perch is very well visible on the water surface when fry trying to hide from the striped predator literally jumping over the water.

When to catch fish?

When to catch fish

Perch can be caught year round, it is not hunger is not able to stop neither the summer heat nor winter frost. This predator is hungry and eats the entire year. Periods it is more active periods. But in General, full peck in some of the seasons are observed.

Also, it should be noted that bass is day fish and night activity does not show. Eats and is caught only in the daytime, from morning to evening dawn. The most active in morning hours, especially in hot weather. Summer day, his bite may become very weak or disappear, but spring can be caught no less active than the morning dawn.

The cooler the water, the greater the probability of a major activity of perch in the afternoon. Conversely, the hotter, the less likely that the bass will actively feed in the rush hour.

It is best to go on fishing for bass in the morning. Thus, at any time of the year, can be successfully trebuchet and get pleasure from the fish whale. Good fishing to you — no tail, no scales!

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