Pike fishing – the best ways

Pike fishing

One of the most popular types of fish among fishermen is the pike. About her composing legends, epic stories and even fairy tales. A large number of exceptional qualities, such as cunning, vigor, blazing speed in the choppy, unpredictable somersaults in the air, physical strength and, of course, a good appetite, does this cheat number one for anglers. And as the popularity of large, you should not be surprised this variety of types of fishing.

Spinning catch pike

The most popular and exciting way to catch a predator – spinning. The most appropriate time of year for fishing this tackle is autumn – the period of active “Jora”, but in the other season, pike can be caught very successfully.

On a reservoir, it is necessary to find the rapids, whirlpools, snags, thickets of vegetation are favorite places to fish where it is convenient to wait for its prey.

As lures are perfect lures, spinners, jig, etc. Through the jig, you can quickly explore the pond, the sluggish tweeting wiring of the crank minow to irritate the most passive pike.

The bait is chosen according to the preference of the predator. To use the lures best-suited autumn and spring. The bait is tied through the leash (store-bought or own production, with a length of about 10 cm), on the one hand, traditionally is the swivel, and the other is a carbine (which is very conveniently and quickly replaced by lure). To catch a toothy predator, with no metal or any other leash is not recommended.

Bait pike fishing

Especially popular among angler enjoys Popper. This lure is floating (sinking) and small (large). Floating Popper is great for overgrown shallow waters. For fishing with a bottom need a sinking Popper ensures a good casting. The size of the lure depends on the expected catch. When choosing you must also remember the color preferences of pike. Fishing the Popper is based on the transaction with rhythmic jerks, causing the sound “click” from the lure.

The very interesting way of catching pike is jerking. “Jerk-Beit” is a plastic (or wooden) lure shaped like a real fish with a load inside. This lure excels at depths from 40 cm to 6 m. Best places for pike on jerk are lakes and reservoirs – water reservoirs with shallow bays, Islands, come, where you can find large species of predator.

While fishing on jerk-Beit need not to stand in one place and try to sh as much as possible space. A great place is a border between vegetation and clear water, which the pike uses to ambush. With this lure, you can hunt for a predator in may and until then, until the pond is covered with ice.

Pike fish

Depending on the weather, there are different jerk baits:

  • in may better suit aggressive posting;
  • in the heat (in summer) preferable to the bait of neutral buoyancy;
  • cold (autumn) – sinking jerk baits.

The tactics of fishing are simple: the rod must be kept in a horizontal position and with a side of suspenders, short spurts to pull the lure at 2 m. Jerk to stop on the tight line and wait for full immersion (5 seconds), then repeat again.

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