Fishing for Trout – How and when to Catch Trout in different times of the year


Catching of such fish as trout fishing is a classic, having a huge number of fans and admirers worldwide. Its meat has an amazing taste and nutritional qualities, and the fishing itself is a stressful and exciting process.

As with all other fish, it requires serious attention to characteristics of equipment, methods, and places of fishing. In our waters, the two species are widespread trout – brook, and lake. Does she live in the clean and cool water with temperatures up to +18? or +20? and good flow. Found mostly where there are springs and many streams and mountain rivers.

Winter trout fishing (trout fishing in winter)

Trout fishing in winter

Trout are very suspicious and cautious fish. To lure and to fish from the angler requires a lot of stamina and skill. In the winter time, her caution is amplified and the challenge before the fisherman becomes much more complicated. This fish responds to any slight movement and the sound very quickly travels in a vertical plane and instantly appears on the bottom, at the surface of the pond.

In winter it is inhibited, quite passive, rarely eat, much less move. In ice-free waters, it can bite more often, but in other places, special active, when the ice begins to melt and the first clearings.

Many fishermen agree to spend day and night in the cold to catch such a prize. Where fishing is carried out from the ice, you need to be especially inconspicuous, so as not to scare away the fish. At the slightest hint of danger, careless driving has holes, extraneous noise, the trout is quickly sinking.

For trout fishing, it is always better to drill fresh holes. Near old, she tries not to appear, probably sensing a trick. Winter gear for this fish should be strength and reliability, and bait – mobility to arouse the interest of inactive at this time fish.

Fishing for trout in the spring (trout fishing in the spring)

Trout fishing in the spring

In early spring the trout are still in the wintering holes and are almost never removed far from them. It can be found in the shallows, in areas with the moderate stream, where the water is oxygenated faster. There faster appears its main food is small fish, frogs, caddis worm. When it starts melting snow and water is much turbid, the bite is markedly reduced.

When the fish starts to come out from the depth, it is possible to catch quite large specimens. Trout feels comfortable only when the water temperature does not exceed +20 C.

When the temperature is looking for more of a cool place with fresh spring water or just gets in deeper layers. In the middle of spring already a lot of animals, which serves to trout food. She is becoming more active and biting well, especially when there are the first insects – beetles, butterflies, caterpillars, and dragonflies.

During the spring fishing should be extremely careful not to spook the trout, which was full, standing in secluded places at a small depth. The scared fish will never want to take any bait, and in case of danger, it can sink to the bottom. If still no heat, it will hide among vegetation that gives her shelter and food.

Fishing for trout in the summer (fishing for trout during the summer)

Summer trout fishing

In summer, trout rarely appears off the coast and the food comes out, mostly at night when the water cools off a bit. The most likely places that it can be directed for feeding is a spring-fed river with lots of streams, tributaries and clear water.

On large plains or rivers flowing through lakes, it is not usual. On mountain rivers with the strong current, you can catch very large specimens because the fast flowing water washes away all the food.

Great importance is given to the proper selection of fishing sites. In the summer when the weather is favorable for trout all the time moves on the waters of the reservoir and find where it is now, it may be problematic. Usually, the trout are trying to hold the head against the direction of the jet. In places of possible successful fishing, if I can get close to the fish against the water currents.

For summer trout fishing using centrifugal and plug rods. The main difficulty of such a catch – you have to throw at a decent distance from shore. Very important and sniper precision casting. The reaction of the fish on multiple casts is always the same – sensing the danger, she hides. For long casts ideal – spinning. They can be fished both from the shore and the inflatable boats, but increasingly, it’s coastal fishing.

Fishing for trout in the fall (trout fishing in the fall)

Trout fishing in the fall

In the fall the trout, unlike much other fish, feels very comfortable. That autumn she leaves for spawning, which starts in September and lasts about a month, sometimes hanging almost until January. At this time, the trout become less timid and more aggressive, comes across in various parts of the reservoir – and not very deep.

Autumn trout is at all times in motion, hard to gain weight before spawning and preparing for the arrival of cold weather. In the autumn work well almost all the bait and lures: spinning a spinner, Wobbler, little tadpoles, juveniles of other fish and even trout.

The fall created excellent conditions for fly fishing and fishing on spinning. Excellent trout take an artificial fly. In calm weather it is better to catch it on a dry fly, using traditional tackle. Well, it is caught and on warm days when it’s drizzling rain. For a selected fishing “wet” fly.

During spawning, it is not necessary to go into the water. You need to stay on the beach or the boat, to avoid damage to sweeps caviar. Adversely affect the bite can sudden autumn frosts and the rains. After a brief rain, the fish often comes out again in shallow waters and its feeding activity increases.

Trout fishing

Trout fishing

Trout fishing is popular among fans and athletes, regardless of the season. This is a very interesting process that can capture any from the very first minute. Among fans of this kind of sport fishing competitions and Championships, in freshwater bodies constantly meet anglers.

On our website we have gathered the most interesting materials on the rules of trout fishing, its behavior, reports from the World Championships and at the regional level. You can always find the latest and most current information, ask questions and get expert advice.

How to catch trout: what tackle and equipment to use

How to increase the fish catch?

To trout fishing success largely depends on the correct selection of gear. The main requirement for them is the ease and durability of all components, not only rods but also attachments. Catch a trout on a float and fly rods, spinning and bottom gear.

The selected gear should provide the desired casting distance and its particular accuracy. Preferred rigid rod length of 2-3 m for spinning, for the rest you can apply rods of greater length. Spinning reel needs to be very high quality and to give the winding the fishing line. It is advisable to install a good quality locking mechanism reverse.

The use of spinners cannot produce the desired result. The trout are capricious, difficult to guess what baubles she liked more. More often fishermen use lures and streamers. Experienced anglers are advised to pick up a Wobbler, painted in the color of the trout. Tackle for fly fishing should have the lowest possible weight.

It is better to choose fluorescers line, which is clearly seen through the water. More effective is a monoscaffold than “braid”. On small streams at low flow used weights and leashes small size. For rivers with a stronger flow, they need to pick up more.

What trout fishing: what bait and which bait will be suitable

Artificial Bait

For baits and tips, it is advisable to take into account the predatory instincts of the trout. Bait must only be of animal origin and to look as natural as possible, slowly sink under the water or slowly moving downstream. The trout are always very careful and even very suspicious of the bait did not take.

Now produced special baits for trout with the taste and smell of salmon eggs, corn, fry, worms. Work very well with gel attractants which are applied to the nozzle. Such mixtures have a nice fish smell, they are good at attracting fish and not scare her away. Bait should be plenty, since trout – fish voracious and can eat an amount of food equal to almost 2/3 of its own weight.

Nozzles suitable for all kinds of worms, fish fry, fish and meat, and insects. Especially likes to eat trout, tadpoles, caddis worm, small aquatic invertebrates. Season well caught on beetles, insect larvae, caterpillars, midges, grasshoppers. Never refuse a piece of shrimp, squid or crab sticks. If there is a real hope for the capture of a large instance, it is better to catch on live bait, catch it in her home pond.

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