Main Types of Fishing

Types of Fishing

Fishing is probably one of the oldest ways of subsistence when allowed humanity to die of starvation, to feed themselves. Well, seriously speaking, it is the most common hobby for a lot of males throughout the former Soviet Union. And recently various types of fishing more popular among other types of recreation. Not only for men but also for some women.

Types of fishing

How to increase the fish catch?

There are plenty of them – good and different. Types of fishing differ according to the season: winter and summer. And the place of fishing: river, lake, sea, ocean. And the location of the fisherman: from the beach, with water, with boats, underwater. And gear used: float rod, Donk, spinning, and other devices. And objects of fishing: here we will not enumerate all the species diversity of marine life.

Thus, every fan – even a beginner will be able to find the appropriate option on the personal preferences and inclinations.


Fishing fish at this time of year is a pleasure, especially because you can combine, as they say, with pleasure: and get trophies, and soak up the sun and get some fresh air in nature. Although the characteristic biting activity of aquatic creatures, usually in the morning/evening dawn, the most avid of fishermen, this does not prevent successful catch and in the daytime. And the season for summer fishing usually starts from late may – early June and lasts almost until the half of September. In General, while are warm and bright days.

Different weather in the season

Types of summer fishing depend on the weather. The hottest time is traditionally divided into three. First, when it warms up the water of large ponds, lakes, and reservoirs.

What types of fishing are most common in this period?

At the end of prohibitions of fishing starts fishing for predatory extraction by spinning, and circles. Bream, for example, take fueled to advance the field and to the bottom, and float tackle. Well carp, often even in the rainy season.

This is the period when the carp take downright greed. Problemas few weeks, the intensity of the bite fades. As usual, taking the bait only heat-loving fish, but when casting on top (using natural coupled with artificial lures) lucky will sometimes be able to “raise” an enviable fishing trophy.

The “Golden” middle

The main summer season, on national signs, marks the flowering of lindens (although it should be borne in mind that in recent years, climatic conditions have changed quite significantly). The passing mark for the experienced angler is the ripening currants, strawberries in gardens, in forests of different berries.

There is a lot of grasshoppers, they are in many areas will be the best summer nozzle. At this time, some species of fish are finicky, pecking a short time, either at early dawn or at dusk, or night.

The Last Summer Season

Is the decline of summer, the beginning of the last period. Lengthens the night, drops of cold dew. Cools the water, and it helps to improve end-of-summer fish different types of fish, predatory. A carp caught on sunrise, and closer tonight dawn.

By months

Blitz tips fishing trout

  • To “hunt” for carp, carp. On the river, a good production is not expected in the shallows and cliffs, in places with reeds. To catch well on maggots. Also relevant to “universal soldier” – a worm. With the beginning of the month begins to bite catfish. In the evening, from about seven, perfectly caught pike, river pike.
  • July and the sun for fishing are not best friends. Many species of fish go deep, where the water is not warmed, place bottom springs. If the day was cloudy or rainy, it is better to Rybalov in the morning, early, when the water is not warmed, and the fish comes to the surface. Or choose the late evening hours. For night fishing you can get catfish and bream, pike, perch or walleye. In “standing” waters, the situation is worse: the water begins to bloom, turbid, a lot of algae and the fish appears overfeeding. Undoubtedly, well-fed and more difficult to catch.
  • August — the crown of the warm season. The heat is subsiding and the nights cool, and water cools down, and life in the aquatic environment is animated. The bite is markedly improved, usually in the second half. Effective catching of predatory fish spinning reel, they begin greedily grabbing the lure, Wobbler.

Winter fishing

Winter Fishing

Today fishing “cold” is very popular in the environment of the fishermen – beginners and professionals. Its popularity with each decade growing. And now hundreds of thousands of people across the country prefer this exciting experience. They go on lakes, rivers, reservoirs, ponds – no such power in the world that would hold the avid fisherman in the warmth of home and comfort.

Many look forward to the onset of the cold season when you can go across the ice to drill the hole and all the fibers of my soul feel first cautious bite, feeling the heavy tackle. Many anglers say that catching and interesting in the winter, and the spoils are richer than in the heat.

There are specific types of fishing in the winter as well as special gear. For example, for fishing with jigs (a special device that combines line and sinker, and hook) there are several options of fishing rods. And most popularly known was nicknamed “balalaika” – it looks similar to the eponymous musical instrument.

Tackles for winter fishing should be selected (especially for a novice fisherman) on the basis of facilities, including ease of material, the comfort of accommodation in hand. The material for the handle must not be thermally conductive, because often in the winter with ice fishing take a tackle with his bare hand.

Especially for winter

With regards to this kind of fishing, types of fishing here have its own seasonal characteristics. Because it is impossible to use conventional ice fishing rods and their height is totally not suitable for ice production. Other technologies, other gear, even a different lure and bait.

Fortunately today, any self-respecting fishing store will provide convenient gear, a huge selection of lures and wobblers, lures and everything else for successful ice fishing. And for winter fishing using float you need a well-marked and easy, highly sensitive item of equipment.

Winter float is usually sleek and cone-shaped (cylindrical) form. If you do own, use a cork or plastic, cut goose-quill. Color for coloring choose bright and contrast, apply cross rings on the entire length.

All of these tools for winter fishing will contribute to the fact that it was efficient and effective.

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