Fishing Tackle: Types and Application

Tackle fishing

Fishing tackle is one of the main attributes of any fisherman. Well-chosen accessories and well-chosen place can help make a fishing trip bright and unforgettable, but confirmation of this will serve as the trophy.

Not only every beginner, but an experienced angler uses a large variety of fishing gear. Consider the most popular of them. For different times of the year use their fishing gear.

Spinning tackle

In order to catch virtually any predator (pike, pike-perch, ASP, Chub, perch), you will need a spinning rod. In our time it is easy to buy in any specialty store. Rod is most often made from fiberglass, carbon fiber and graphite, which can significantly reduce its weight.

Such rods are more elastic and they quite simply to produce the casting of the lure. The handle is made of polypropylene or tube. On this type of rods are the choke ring, on the forms is a reel seat in which anglers put spinning reels.

Spinning rods come in different lengths, which can range from 130 cm to 4 meters. This files most often experienced fishermen use rods of medium size. They are more comfortable and easy.

One of the most important parameters of a fishing rod is its elasticity. Hard copies help anglers to make longer casts, and flexible — increase sensitivity to the bites.

Spinning is very important to choose the right coil. It should be of a size and weight that relate to the length and weight of the rod. The important factor is the coil instantaneous stop and a good clutch.

When fishing with spinning using countless lures, such as:

  • Wobblers;
  • Spinner;
  • Twisters and others.

Float rod

A fishing market in our time can offer a huge number of variations of rods for float fishing. As a rule, they are made from the same lightweight materials as the spinning. Float rods are divided depending on the type of fishing.

They include primaries, Bolognese, match, plug-in:

  • Is called a luffing telescopic fishing rod with no reel and rings. The weight sometimes does not even reach 100 grams. Catch it with the hands, as its weight is almost not felt. Loop snap is inserted into the connector, which is located at the tip of the rod. The snap-in consists of sinkers, leash hook and a deaf float.
  • Bologna — rod length not less than 4 feet but not more than 7 rings. It is often used when fishing on a medium or slow current. The Bologna fishing rods are divided into hard and soft. Hard to help further the lure, and a soft more sensitive during playing. For this type of fishing rod is provided having coils. At the fishing use fishing line diameter of 0.3 mm, as well as deaf and sliding floats.
  • Match — fishing rod consists of three separate parts. It is intended to perform far casts severe sliding floats. This rod requires the use of special coils and a sinking line. Otherwise, it is almost identical to the Bologna.

Feeder tackle

Feeder tackle

Feeder fishing rod designed for catching carp, carp, white bream, IDE, or other non-predatory species of fish. Feeder fishing is characterized by the presence of feeders. She hurled the pole to the desired point through the five-minute time intervals.

The essence of feeder fishing is correct and accurate casting trough. Definitely need to try to get to the same place, regardless of whether there was a bite or not. Another distinctive feature of this type of fishing is to use only one hook size at least 10 rooms.

The rod length varies from 3.3 m to 4.6 m. it Often happens that anglers use a medium length, trying not to take too large or too small rods. The sensitivity of the rods directly depends on the hardness. The more intense flow on the river or lake, the stiffer a fishing rod you need to take. Feeders can be used both open and closed. The casing may be made of metal or plastic.



Picker is a kind of feeder. It is used under the difficult conditions of fishing (a lot of nuisance trees and shrubs) and the inability to make a throw. Him well to catch carp, roach, bleak, white bream, white bream.

Piker convenient for playing small fish. Due to its ability to bend along its entire length, it extinguishes jerks of fish and helps it to not get off the hook.

Its length does not exceed 3.3 meters, but there are changeable tops different hardness. When fishing a Piker bait throw hands, as in the float method.

Fishing on the Donk

Fishing on the Donk

Fishing on the Donk is one of the most popular types. It requires the fisherman maximum composure and patience. Unlike fishing a feeder, a ground rod rarely throw, allowing the fisherman to fully enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

The main element bottom fishing is the rod. Most often used for spinning is not very long. A ground rod reel fishing line is 0.35 mm thick. For this type of fishing will suit flat and volumetric weights. If fishing occurs in strong currents, it is necessary to apply ellipsoidal and diamond-shaped sinkers.

When fishing with a small current, it is advisable to use:

  • Spherical sinkers;
  • Pear-shaped sinkers.

When bottom fishing bite alarm can be a simple bell or a modern electronic device. Experienced anglers often notice the bite just by looking at the tip of the rod.

Throwing is an old kind of donkey. It includes a reel on which fishing line is wound and fastened to the end of the sinker. Before him on a short leash tied a few hooks. Swift is longer at its end stuck in the ground, and the alarm is a bell. In this way, they catch carp, catfish, burbot, bream.

Jig for fishing

Jig for fishing

A rod with a jig used for exciting and unforgettable fishing. For her take 6-8 meter Bolognese rod and secured to the end of the sensitive nod. It is made from Dacron, plastic, clock spring.

Nods are:

  • Side;
  • Direct.

The jig includes soldered to a metal figurine of a hook. Make it out of the tin, tungsten, lead and painted in either dim or bright colors. The jigs usually a single hook (sometimes two or three). On it baited with a worm, sponge, bloodworm.

With this rigs for catching roach, white bream, bream, crucian carp, perch, Rudd, IDE. You can catch from a boat, shore, or paddling in the water.

Gum and summer jail

What to catch perch

Rubber band for fishing, or bottom fishing with rubber shock absorber, used on all waters for catching both predators and peaceful fish. This method is more efficient than float, feeder or spinning and does not require a lot of funds for equipment.

Summer jail is considered one of the most simple and accessible. It is easy to do with a minimum of tools right on the beach. The imitation fish is well-caught pike perch, pike, catfish. For more effective fishing, the fishermen use multiple Gerlich.

Fishing traps

Very similar to a summer imitation fish and consists of a bar (wood or foam) on which is wound at least ten meters of the line. The fishing line is attached a metal leash with a hook. When fishing with a hook baited with live bait and by the end of the fishing line attach sinker. In the end, the bar will lie on the water, the fishing line becomes a vertical position, and the leash is horizontal.

Sometimes, for greater visibility, the bar is painted in bright color.

Instead of using Styrofoam often, take an ordinary plastic bottle. Traps designed for boat fishing. Put them an hour before dawn at a distance of not less than ten meters from each other.

Fishing club

How to increase the fish catch?

Such a set perfect for pike and Zander.

It is composed of: wooden or foam disk, pin, cut fishing line, hook, leash. This rigging is quite simple but allows you to shin a large part of the lake or river.

The circle has a diameter of about ten centimeters and a thickness of up to 3 cm Line is in the groove on the side. In the center of the disk is a pin with a slot for the fishing line on the end. A circle painted in two colors (top — red, bottom — white).

In this rigs used fishing line with a diameter of 0.6 mm. It should be a lot to deliver the bait in the deepest places of the lake or river. It is attached to the drive loop, and the end has tied a sinker.

Boat for fishing

In the case when the fish is away from the coast and to get her usual gear hard, use a device the boat.

It consists of pine boards is rectangular in shape with a smooth surface. Board corners are cut and covered the surface with varnish. To the edge of the attach fittings or strip of lead to Board plunged by two thirds in the water and stood on the edge. The rings are inserted into the holes on the ends. One of them holding the leash which attached to the hook or lure.

The boat is lowered onto the surface of the water, setting the flow, and let go.

The Kwok

Kwok used when fishing for catfish. They hit the water surface, creating a sound which attracts the catfish. The success of such fishing will depend entirely on your selection of Kwok.

Pen Kwok made from maple or fruit trees. She is given the desired shape, then polished and lacquered. Piglet Kwok made from a special resin, and the knife — from duralumin. This tackle is used when fishing for catfish from a boat.

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