Trout Fishing — The Best Bait and Lures

Trout fishing

The best natural bait for trout

The best natural baits of animal origin to catch trout are:

  • maggot;
  • Motyl;
  • bees;
  • fireflies;
  • various beetles (including chafer);
  • flies;
  • the larvae of caddis and other insects;
  • small pieces of fresh fish;
  • crab meat;
  • tracks;
  • grasshoppers;
  • gnats;
  • squid;
  • shrimp;
  • crab sticks;
  • baitfish;
  • worm (you should apply bright red earthworms medium size).

Fish Trout

As bait should be applied to small fish with an oblong body. The best live bait to catch trout are those fish species:

  • gudgeon;
  • bleak;
  • minnow;
  • Taurus.

The most effective baits of plant origin to catch trout are:

  • corn;
  • cheese;
  • barley;
  • bread.

You should know that to catch a trout on her eggs is not recommended, despite the fact that there is an opinion that the fish are biting on ROE.

Artificial Bait

Artificial Bait

In addition to natural baits to catch trout, you can also use artificial bait.

The best ones for catching this fish are:

  • Spinner. Best to use with spinners of the third issue with the short game. Also, it is advisable to use spinners silver, gold or spotted coat.

These baits have the advantages of its use:

  1. Can be used at different depths and in different conditions of exploitation.
  2. Can be used reusable.
  3. Are very effective for catching trout.
  • Crankbaits. It is best to use the oscillating cranks with length from four to ten inches. In addition, it is desirable to use cranks.

Crankbaits have the advantages of its use:

  1. Exactly mimic a live fish that attract the attention of trout.
  2. Can be used at different depths.
  3. Crankbaits can be used for different types of fishing.
  4. These baits have a special game that copies the movement of live fish.
  • Artificial flies. Used mainly to catch small trout. They are convenient in that they can be used as a nozzle, as most of the water, and at a certain level of the reservoir.
  • The streamers. They also are an artificial lure to catch trout and can be many different colors and sizes.

How to increase the fish catch?

How to increase the fish catch?

Over 7 years of active Hobbies of fishing I have found dozens of ways to improve the bite.

Here are the most effective:

  1. Activator bite. This pheromone additive is stronger than all the lures the fish in cold and warm water. Discussion activator bites “Hungry fish”.
  2. Increasing the sensitivity of the tackle. Read the appropriate manuals for the specific type of tackle.
  3. Lures based on pheromones.

Other lures

Bait for perch

In addition to all the above lures to catch trout, you can use additional attachments:

  1. Capsules. They are stuffed with fish oil and present the trout as mimics of red caviar. They look like small round pearls for which the trout is always perfectly responsive. In addition, the main advantage of using this lure is its very strong smell, which spreads over large distances under water.
  2. Attaccanti gel. They should be applied to the nozzle. They come in a variety of scents and colors. Trout and capsules and fat, will not refuse such a delicacy, especially in summer.

Features a selection of lures and bait for trout

Features a selection of lures and bait for trout

Depending on conditions of harvest and season variety of baits and lures for trout has the following features:

  • To catch trouts in the night it is necessary to apply baits the acid color to the fish better able to consider them.
  • For the catch of the day best-suited lures with black color, with reflective red spots. They will be visible when posting and attracts the attention of trout.
  • If the catch of trout occurs in shallow waters, use lures with a small petal. It will make the vibrations of the lure even more clearly and will add attractiveness to the fish.
  • If the catch of trout occurs at great depths, it is recommended to use sinking lures or spinners with a vivid game.
  • When fishing under trees or dense bushes that are right on the water, it is desirable to use artificial bait in the form of flies or beetles, as their live counterparts are constantly falling from the trees and the trout eat them.
  • In the summer you must use small lures that can be shin inaccessible areas of the ponds. These lures must be equipped with a robust solid tee, so they can be quick to make the cut fish. Also for this season, you can use spinners. It is recommended that spinners had a thick lobe and stable performance even at high current.
  • To catch trout in winter you should use spinner baits with a slow or medium game that will not scare, but rather lure the fish. In addition, a very effective natural head is considered the shrimp. They can be stick on the hook as in cheese and in boiled form. It is best to use cooked shrimp because they have a strong flavor, which is so like a trout.
  • In autumn season the trout are not as fearful as, for example, in the summer, and she actively begins to bite, as it feels the imminent approach of winter and cold weather.

For its catch in this period it is best to use the following bait:

  1. Small minnow.
  2. Bleak.
  3. Maggot.
  4. The bloodworms.
  5. Grasshopper.

As artificial lures perfectly suited to wet flies, lures, and baubles.

Consider in more detail the most efficient models:

Wobbler Jackall Chubby 38 F is a great bait for catching not only trout but other fish species at shallow depths.

Wobbler Jackall Chubby 38 F

Specifications model:

  • type – floating;
  • the technique of fishing – casting, trolling;
  • classification – shallow, ultralight;
  • length of four inches;
  • weight is five grams;
  • hooks – two No. 4;
  • depth – floor meter.

Wobbler YO-ZURI L-Minnow 44 is bait, which shows very good results and has a strong game.

Wobbler YO-ZURI L-Minnow 44

Specifications model:

  • type – sinking;
  • the technique of fishing – casting, twitching;
  • classification – ultralight;
  • length of five inches;
  • weight – four and a half grams;
  • hooks – two No. 6;
  • depth – two meters.

Wobbler Blue Fox Foxee Fish is a practical bait that can be applied to different conditions of exploitation.

Wobbler Blue Fox Foxee Fish

Specifications model:

  • type – floating;
  • the technique of fishing – casting, trolling;
  • classification – ultralight;
  • length of nine inches;
  • weight fifteen grams;
  • hooks – one No. 5;
  • immersion depth of four meters.

Spinner Mepps Aglia Long Redbow silver has excellent working characteristics and a record efficiency for trout.

Spinner Mepps Aglia Long

Specifications model:

  • type – rotating;
  • weight – eleven grams;
  • snap – tee;
  • length is nine inches.

Spinner Mepps Syclops Silver/Black is a quality bait to catch trout, which has a thick petal and vivid play in the water.

Spinner Mepps Syclops

Specifications model:

  • type – rotating;
  • a weight of nine grams;
  • snap – tee;
  • length of eight inches.

To catch trout on a float it is recommended to use these natural tips:

  • the worm;
  • maggot;
  • baitfish;
  • grasshopper;
  • Motyl;
  • pieces of meat;
  • larvae;
  • shrimp.

If catching trout overlap, it is better to use artificial flies and streamers.

The most effective of these such models:

Streamer Balzer Sbiro fly Helocopter.

Strimmer Balzer Sbiro Helocopter fly

  • Specifications model:
  • weight – two grams;
  • type – dry bait;
  • surface wiring;
  • material — marabou feathers;

Balzer Sbiro Fly Streamer.

Balzer Sbiro Streamer

Specifications model:

  • weight – three grams;
  • type – bait wet;
  • slowly sinking;
  • material — feathers, thread;


Blitz tips fishing trout

  1. Trout is a very voracious fish and may eat per day three-fourths of the weight of his own body, why skimp on the tools is not recommended.
  2. If you didn’t find the bees to use them as attachments for trout, one can safely apply their larvae. Trout will not refuse such replacement.
  3. When using artificial lures it is recommended to use very light and subtle types of woods, so they do not scare away the fish.

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